Recent purchases

I’ve been spending again!

Purchases 12/04/2013

I got some 75mm wide slick tape as well as the 19mm wide tape I bought from Axminster to fettle the mitre slots of my bandsaw.

I really like my long guide clamp, having reasoned that it would cope with anything I needed, but in a small workshop it’s sometimes a bit unweildy, so I got a 24″ guide clamp to go with it.

I got some rare earth magnets to stick the spanner and allen key used to adjust my bandsaw to the side of the machine.

Allen key and spanner

I also got some more rust remover, as with car boot season upon us I’ll hopefully be bringing home some more rusty gold :).

As Rutlands had an additional 10% off and free shipping, I ordered a sanding drum kit to use in my pillar drill (I also got some spare sleeves from Axminster to see if they fit).

I’ve wanted some clamp-it squares for a while, so I got 4 of them.

I also ordered the Veritas marking gauge, but this is not currently in stock so they’ve split the order and shipped the pieces they had, which is nice.

I know a lot of people seem to have problems with Rutlands, but I’ve always found that they respond quickly to enquiries about out of stock items and I’ve never encountered something that was claimed as in stock and then unavailable once I ordered it, so it’s not like I don’t know what I’m getting into!

One of the customer service people I spoke to said they would be getting a new website and ordering system soon, so perhaps they’ll take on board my suggestions of more proactive stock notifications and split shipping …

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4 Responses to Recent purchases

  1. Art Watson says:

    Hey John, your use of magnets has given me an idea; I was thinking I might try mounting my drill press table using rare earth magnets. I figure you can get 50 to 90 lbs of pull with them that should be more than adequate to keep it from sliding around. I’m going to give it a go and see if it’s feasible.

    • John says:

      Hi Art,

      I’m glad to have inspired you! 🙂

      I guess as you say the biggest question is whether you can prevent the table sliding and thereby moving the fence relative to the drill bit.

      I have a magnetic base for my dial gauge which can be switched on and off and I know there are feather boards that are similar, so it must be possible.

      I had some inspiration myself yesterday, whilst sitting in the pub having Sunday lunch with my family.

      I was thinking about whether I could build a chair with a detachable booster seat held on by magnets.

      First I need to get good enough to build a chair though! 🙂


      • Art Watson says:

        Update: I bought a 70-90 lb. magnet today for about $5 and I stuck it on my drill press table and had significant trouble removing it. I’m encouraged that it would hold just about anything short of a dining room table. I’m going to give it a shot and see what happens. My fallback will include the use of the 4 C-clamps I also bought for a couple bucks. Cheers …

    • John says:

      Hi again Art,

      I read this months FWW on the train to work this morning and saw these, which may overcome any friction issues:,42363,42356&p=69809

      Alternatively I suppose you could cover the base of the table with the slip preventing mats used for routing etc.

      Hope this helps


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