More recent purchases

I like to save up my purchases for the middle of the month, as it means they’ll be on next months credit card bill and it gives me something to look forward to/think about between pay days!

Workshop Heaven

This order has been queued up for a couple of months while I figured out exactly what I needed.

Saw doctoring tools

Quangsheng T10 marking knife

With the exception of the Veritas saw file holder and a home made saw vice, I think the above will be enough to get at least some of my second hand saws into serviceable condition.

Classic Handtools

This is my first purchase from this company, but as it was Workshop Heaven that recommended them to me I figured I couldn’t go far wrong!

Veritas bevel setter

I’ve wanted the latter book for ages, so that I could read it with my daughter.

I’ve read about 150 pages of the Anarchists Tool Chest in the last 2 days and I’m quite enjoying it.

Lost Art Press seem to have some good books available – I can’t wait until this one comes out as it looks like being some top quality tool porn! 🙂


Stanley No. 71 router plane

  • Stanley No. 71 router plane – £51.51 (inc P&P)
  • Record No. 050 part – £6.99 (inc P&P)
  • Record No. 050 manual – £6.25 (inc P&P)
Record 050 plane parts

Original (L), home made (M) and new (R)

I’ve not yet received the manual (although I think it’s waiting for me at the sorting office), so I’m not actually sure what these parts are actually for.

I figure given the previous owner went to the trouble of making one, there must need to be two of them and as I saw one on ebay for not much money I figured I’d shoot first and ask questions later!

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