Old wooden rules

I got given these a while ago by my mother-in-law when she was clearing out some boxes during a house move.

Although I doubt I’ll ever use them, she was entirely correct to assume that I’d appreciate and want them.

They are believed to have come from the estate of one of my father-in-law’s family.

I was reminded of them when reading the first few chapters of The Anarchists Tool Chest.

Wooden rule and vernier calipers

One is a 24 inch folding rule, marked “No 46. Stephens & Co Riverton CT USA”:

Wooden rule

I’ve found Stephens mentioned in this history of Riverton and several posts including this one on the Old Tools Archive forum.

All its alignment pins are still intact, but some of their holes in the mating surfaces of the wood are a bit loose now.

The other is a little 3 inch rule with a vernier caliper built into it, marked “Clements Newling & Co Ltd London”

Wooden vernier calipers

Google turns up very little – a picture of a company’s entry in a business directory from 1921, a couple of references to a shop fitters of that name and a mention in a book related to making and selling Victorian clothing.

The relative was an aunt and the rules were mentioned in the context of her sewing kit, so the clothing reference may be closest to the mark, although I’m not entirely sure why she’d need a vernier caliper …

(Also I may be reading the above book reference wrong but it looks more like the name is mentioned in the context of printing a flyer for a clothing company than being one themselves).

Any information or suggestions welcome!

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