Projects – Router table – Part 5

I’ve made no real progress since Part 4, but I managed to get half an hour in the workshop earlier and did a bit more mocking up.

I want to keep the structure below the table as simple as possible, so I’ll stick to the “box with router in riding inside a square tube lifted by a car jack” idea.

Car jack router lift

I need to juggle the following requirements and constraints and come up with the best layout:

  1. I want to keep the square tube aligned with the sides of the workbench for simplicity, with a cross member between the sides of the inner box supporting the router on the strip between its air intakes
  2. I want to be able to attach and detatch the router table quickly from the folding workbench
  3. I want the parts of the router table to take up the least space possible when it’s not in use
  4. I want to use the least amount of structure possible, as if I end up using the router table a lot I’ll probably build something more permanent
  5. I want to be able to wind the router up through the jaws of the workbench & surface of the router table to change bits easily, so I think I’ll need to keep the two clamps side by side rather than leaving a gap between them as I initially planned
  6. The router has a rack of teeth up the side and I’d prefer to cut the notch to accomodate this in a solid part of the clamp rather than where the two halves meet
  7. I need to keep the power lead of the router out of the way, but leave enough slack to allow the lift a good range
  8. I’d like to keep the router’s power switch accessible, although I’ll probably leave it on full time and use an NVR switch
  9. I need to think about dust – in particular how to deal with the airflow through the router (which will be upward) and how to avoid smothering the router with falling dust
  10. The jack can take any of the 4 “compass point” positions without the handle fouling on the bench legs and stays, but I need to avoid the handle tripping me up

Router table mock up

The body of the router fits through the jaws of the bench, but there’s no room for the clamps to pass between the jaws:

Router between jaws of folding workbench

The clamps look a good fit, but I may still need to line them with something to fine tune the fit:

Router clamp

I need to come up with a good design for the box to surround the clamps and ride inside the square tube.

I’m mostly thinking about how to attach the cross member that the router will rest on between the sides of the box and what that means for the alignment of the router and its power switch, spindle lock and cable.

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