Heeere’s Johnny!

(Apologies for the gratuitous movie quote 🙂 )

When I tidied out the shed last year I found some long handled shears and an axe which presumably belonged to the previous owner.

I’d just got my Tormek, so I figured they’d at least come in handy for experiments in sharpening, but despite sharpening some shears for a family member I never got round to it.


I found it again yesterday when I was gathering the tools I needed to dismantle my mother-in-law’s Pergola, which was hanging off the back of her house looking hazardous.

It’s quite rusty and has a few nicks in the edge of the blade, but I think it’s worth saving.

The head is marked W Gilpin 1944 and has the WD arrow.

Axe head

It’s held on by a wooden wedge which seems a little loose, so before I use it I’ll probably remove it and glue a slightly larger one in.

In the mean time it’s queued up waiting for me to do some de-rusting next week.

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3 Responses to Heeere’s Johnny!

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  2. Art Watson says:

    Very interesting reading about the broad arrow mark and its history. Must have been pinched after the war. Good luck with on your tool rehab projects!

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