Workshop reshuffle

I’ve got 4 days off work this week to use up holiday and look after the kids while my wife is away on a course.

Today I spent about 5 hours moving and re-moving various things around the workshop while the girls were at school/nursery.

My initial intention was to move the pillar drill into the space I cleared behind the fridge-freezer, but the more I looked at it the more I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t the right place, as it’s effectively dead space, blocked by the bench on one side and the fridge on the other.

I’ve ended up moving a half height computer/server rack containing a bunch of obsolete computers (too nice to throw away but unlikely to attract any interest even if I tried to give them away) into the space to free up more space in the playroom (formerly the study).

I’ve had to turn the fridge-freezer round so it faces into the workshop, which makes it less convenient as it’s no longer possible to get into from the doorway

Fridge and rack

While I was at it I’ve moved all the paint, silicone sealant etc from the pigeonholes that I’d been storing them in down to the shelf underneath and the floor, so I now have some more storage for tools I use infrequently.

The rest of the workshop is still a mess, but the plan is now to find a new home for as much as possible of the stuff between the small bench and the pillar drill, then use my second mobile base under the drill press stand to make it easier to get into the chest of drawers.

Untidy workshop

I’ve managed to get most of the sheets of ply and MDF that were behind the fridge back there again and the rest is now between it and the rack.

Fridge and rack

The space between the rack and the bench now has the oil filled radiator, the small MDF offcuts and my roller stands in it.

Hopefully I’ll find some time tomorrow to put away a few more things off the bench and from by the garage door.

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