Further reshuffling

Both girls were at school/nursery again today, so I made some more progress on the workshop reshuffle after Tuesday’s efforts.

I’ve never been particularly happy with the shelves, some of which were left by the previous owner and some which I fitted initially to increase the tool storage and extend the original shelves for wood storage.

The sheet material storage, which was provided by two lengths of timber leaning against a shelf, providing support for various 4 foot square sheets of ply and MDF protruded too far into the workshop and made access to the shelves and ladder behind it extremely difficult.

Ply and MDF storage

I had some ideas, including a fold out sheet storage, hinged to the wall at one end and on castors at the other (something I saw in a book somewhere), and hanging the ladder from the roof to free up the space above the gas and water pipes for storage.

I moved all the sheets to the opposite side of the workshop and made a start, with the aim of eventually getting it all behind the door.

Sheet material moved temporarily

I would like to eventually move the ladders out of the workshop, perhaps into the passage at the side of the house, maybe under a little cantilevered roof structure fixed to the wall above it.

The problem is that although the ladder rack is lockable, the holes for the padlock are so small you’re constrained to use a puny lock, so I don’t fancy having them on display to anyone looking over the side gate if I can’t secure them properly.

Ladder rack

While I was moving the ladder I realised that it could stand on end between the rafters, which gave me an idea, more on which later.

Ladder propped up

I decided to fix some shelf brackets above where the ladder had been, which would enable me to move the timber off the old shelving directly to its new home.

I had a lot of Elfa and similar shelving from the previous house.

I love the stuff, as it’s so flexible and can hold an astounding amount of weight, but my wife doesn’t think it looks very nice, so I’ve been forbidden from using it in the house any more!

Shelving going up

As it’s only the workshop I don’t mind mixing silver gloss rails, and a variety of white gloss and silver matt brackets.

Obviously I didn’t want to rest my timber directly on the thin steel brackets, so I considered fixing lengths of batten to the top of each bracket, but instead decided to use some spare foam pipe lagging I had left over from when I insulated the loft:

Shelving with pipe lagging

The lagging also covers most of the brackets, making the variety of colours a lot less jarring.

Hopefully there will be no unintended consequences like colour bleed from the lagging into the timber …

The previous storage was a little ricketty and not very efficient and the longest pieces had to be stored on end, retained by a batten across the two:

Previous timber storage

Emptying the shelving was pretty uneventful as there was so much more space available further down the wall:

Empty shelves

Taking it down was a bit tougher, as many of the screws were pretty chewed up and bent, but I was eventually able to test my idea that I may be able to tuck the ladder behind the door, using the batten between the rafters to stop it from toppling into the room.

The longest boards now fit on the top of the rack and there’s a bit of room for expansion too.

New ladder storage

With the ladder in place I was able to fit all the sheet material between it and the lower levels of timber storage:

New wood storage

With the sheets in place I moved my (still boxed) lathe and the bed extension (visible in the above picture) under the timber storage:

Lathe boxes under timber storage

The view back down the workshop is now a lot neater:

Wood and sheet storage

There are still a few bits of reclaimed and tanalised timber to find homes for, and my benches are currently covered in displaced tools from the shelf, but I think I’m getting there slowly.

Once I’ve had a chance to tidy my benches I’ll think about making a low structure under the timber storage to hold my lathe.

I’ve still not cleared enough wall space to build a rack for my sash clamps, but I have some ideas there and I hope to get some time to progress them in the coming weeks.

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