Measure once cut twice

I got a few hours in the workshop today while my wife looked after the kids.

It was one of those frustrating days where not much went right and I probably should have called it quits and gone to the park with them.

I pressed on as I’m enjoying the feeling of achievement from having done some physical labour and beaten my chronic procrastination!

My mission for today was to mobilise the drill press stand using one of the Rutlands mobile bases.

I assembled the base “sideways” with the castored wheels on one of the long sides, as I envisaged mainly using the base to move the drill press from side to side between the small bench and the chest of drawers at the garage door end of the workshop.

Base with 18mm ply

Having offered up the assembled base to the legs of the metal stand, I cut some 18mm ply to rest on the triangular corner supports and provide a bottom shelf.

For once I remembered to use my zero clearance base and cut with the face side down, so there wasn’t much tear out.

I found getting the drill and stand up on the base a lot easier than expected, simply tilting the drill sideways, rolling the stand almost all the way under and then tilting it back the other way and walking it on.

Lifting the drill onto the base

It seemed that all was going well, but at this point I realised the legs wouldn’t fit inside the metal surround of the mobile base after all … 😦


Oh bother!

The legs could be persuaded to fit on the long side, but there was no way both legs would fit on the short side.

Growing the base was a simple matter involving undoing 2 bolts each side, sliding the nested “meccano” like base further apart and doing up the bolts again.

Growing the piece of 18mm ply that I’d cut to the previous size was not so easy, however …

I could have added a strip, but I knew it would bother me (I know I’m not alone in this 🙂 ) so I cut another piece of ply.

This time because I was fed up and rushing I cut with the face side up so there’s a bit of tear out, but I’ve positioned this edge on the workshop side where it can’t usually be seen.

I managed to cut down the first piece of ply to replace the original chipboard shelf half way up, so it wasn’t a complete write-off.

Drill press stand finished?

Unlike the first mobile base both castored wheels seem to lift the base properly.

Things went downhill again at this point, when I remembered that the bases always create a slight lean:

Drunken drill press

For my bandsaw it doesn’t really bother me, but for some reason this really does.

I’d also neglected to factor in the slight change in level of the concrete floor by the garage door (there’s a 1m extension to the slab which is a few mm lower).

I think the answer is to bite the bullet and move all the corner sections round 90 degrees, so the castors are at the back.

This will take advantage of the fact that the castored side is the highest to correct the difference in level, and the castors will project into the dead space behind the stand (the motor projects back so far on the radial drill that the stand can’t be flush to the garage door) instead of tripping me up round the front.

There’s a nice lot of space around the base, even with my folding power tool table taking up some of the gap on the left and my two folding workbenches in the dead space behind.

Space around drill stand

I think I’ll swap them, as I use the folding benches more at the moment, but it’ll do for now.

The top shelf holds my drills, drill bits and other drill related bits and bobs:

Top shelf of drill press stand

The bottom shelf contains my Workmate WM450, my forstner bits and some offcuts at the moment:

Bottom shelf of drill press stand

My trusty old Axminster hammer drill perches in front of the WM450:

Bottom shelf of drill press stand

It’ll all have to come out when I reconfigure the mobile base, but never mind!

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