Finishing off the bench drill stand

This morning I reconfigured the base of the drill press stand, moving the castored wheels to the back.

Instead of rotating all the corner sections round 90 degrees, I only moved the castored ones round, left one of the fixed wheel corners in place and placed the other one so that they now both face across the workshop.

Reconfigured drill press stand

This means side to side – which is the most likely movement required – is still easy, but both the castors being at the back means their extra height goes some way to correcting the difference in level of the garage floor and it sorts out most of the drunken sideways lean it introduced yesterday.

Slight tilt right

Slight tilt right

It’s not perfect, as these photos show, but it’s a lot better in both directions.

Slight tilt back

Slight tilt back

I spent the rest of the day reshuffling my offcut collection – more later …

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