More reshuffling

After finishing off the drill press stand, I tucked the power tool table behind it, the folding workbenches beside it, rearranged the contents of its shelves and cleared off the top of the chest of drawers so it can hold the Tormek when it’s not in use (the cupboards above are too low).

Tormek on chest of drawers

Both benches were covered in “stuff” – tools, offcuts, clamps etc so I should have embarked on a tidying mission.

Small bench

Instead whilst procrastinating I discovered that 6 Rutlands aluminium bar clamps fitted side by side on a bare metal shelf bracket, with part of the clamp head nestling inside the top of the bracket.

Alternately winding the screw of the clamp heads fully in and fully out helps them nest together snugly in the minimum space.

Experimental sash clamp storage

As I want to set up my lathe underneath the wood storage on the right, I decided to reconfigure the shelving to create space by removing the bottom row and expand it sideways into the free expanse of wall above the sheet material storage.

Wood storage before


This was a bit of a faff, as I needed to move all the sheet material to avoid covering it in brick dust, then move it back again and juggle all the wood around the rack like a sliding tile puzzle (most operations in a single garage seem to turn into this sort of puzzle!)

Wood storage after


I’m not entirely happy with the layout, but everything is now a bit higher and I can think about building a stand for my lathe with some more storage space underneath.

I still need to clear all the “stuff” off the benches too, but that’ll have to wait till another day …

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