Aggravated plastic butchery

I’ve been wanting a way of derusting long tools and plane bodies for a while.

I couldn’t find a suitable trough, but I read somewhere about using plastic pipe, blocked at one end.

Today I went to a local builders merchant and got some 110mm soil pipe, a plug and a push fit joint to link them together, plus an external rubber plug to try out as a lid.

Pipe joiner and plugs

I also picked up some rolls of 180 and 320 grit abrasive to use for lapping my rough and rusty planes (in particular my No. 5 1/2, which was in a hell of a state when I got it).

They didn’t have any 240 grit in stock or I would have got some of that too.

I cut off a 50cm length of pipe with a bench hacksaw, but the cut was some way off square, so I tidied it up on the bandsaw (the throat of my bandsaw is 34cm so I couldn’t do the actual cut with it).

Cutting soil pipe

As recommended, I used a smear of vaseline on the rubber seals and the pieces went together smoothly.

Derusting tube

I tested the tube with water for a while and when there was no leak visible I moved on to mixing up the derusting liquid.

I’ll hopefully post an after shot of my poor No. 5 1/2 tomorrow, but here’s a reminder of how it looked in September 2012:

Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2 plane

And here’s the after shot from my first attempt a while back, where it was still very rough and pitted:

Sole of Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2 half way through derusting

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