Adventures in derusting

Yesterday I built a cylindrical derusting tank from soil pipe.

It works well for longer tools, like the tin snips I bought at a car boot sale in April

Tin snips


Gilbow tin snips


Tin snips jaws

Jaws after

I can now make out the marking on the jaw:

Gilbow 245 14"
Sheffield England

The remains of the 5 litres of derusting fluid went into a bucket for all the small pieces like nuts, bolts and washers.

I also dipped my Gilpin axe head, which was pretty rough when I found it, left by a previous owner of the house in the back of the shed.

Axe head


Before dipping it I gave it a going over with some 180 and 240 grit wet and dry, to take off the worst rust and give the derusting a better chance.

Gilpin axe head after derusting


I’m quite pleased with the result and with the improvement the wet and dry makes.

It’s not entirely to my taste, being a bit too shiny in places where I was over enthusiastic with the wet and dry …

As well as the rust remover liquid I’ve been experimenting with the rust remover gel, which I originally bought as I didn’t fancy dipping my vice in a bucket!

We’re off out on a day trip to the seaside (and to pick up something I won on eBay) so I’ll update separately on this later.

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