eBay purchase roundup

I don’t think I ever posted about the other plane I got before I picked up the No. 71 router plane off eBay

  • Stanley Bailey No. 3 – £14.50 + 5.90 P&P

I got it some time ago but have only just got round to cleaning and derusting it.

This purchase pretty much completed my plane “collection” … apart from a No. 6 … and a No. 7 … and maybe some more block planes, and maybe if I saw some nice Marples wood planes … well ok the collection has some way to go! 🙂

Yesterday on the way home from our trip to the seaside I picked up another purchase:

Marples pad saw

  • Marples padsaw – £2.99 (no P&P as collected)

I realised a while ago that I have quite a few Marples tools, so my collectors urges have kicked in!

Marples pad saw

I picked this up from the seller and saved myself £2.60 P&P.

While I was there, he mentioned he had two pin hammers and a claw hammer, so I spent most of the money I saved! 🙂

Great Mills cross pein hammer

  • Great mills cross pein hammer – £2 (no P&P)

I was going to take the other cross pein hammer, but then I noticed the make and had to have this.

I’ve got various tools from DIY sheds, including Do It All and Focus Do It All, but I didn’t have any from Great Mills.

I think they were the first DIY shed I was ever aware of, so it brings back happy memories of wandering around the branch in my home town with my Dad.

  • Stanley No. 130 block plane – 99p + £3.50 P&P

I’ve not received this yet. Received not long after I first posted this.

I wasn’t really expecting to win it, but put in a low bid when it got close to the end.

It looks pretty rusty, but it seems to have both the cross rods/bars in place that trap the blade in the two directions, whereas the one I got at a car boot sale only has one of the bars.

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