Wood from the Rectory

Today I visited a relative in a nearby town for lunch.

Before I left she mentioned she had some wood she didn’t need and pulled out a nice close grained little offcut of pine which I gladly accepted.

She then said there may be more in the shed …

Much rummaging and some cobwebs later we had unearthed quite a lot of wood.

Old packing crate

Some was so worm ridden that it was only fit for the wood recycling skip at the local tip, but there were several nice bits of pine and some quarter round mouldings.

My favourite find was some tongue and groove, which may once have been a packing case.

It has a double tongue and groove and some stamped/stencilled writing on it:

Old packing crate

I think that’s

Do not stow
?HAR? Boilers
Made in Canada

I left those bits for now, as they’re part of the history of the house.

On my way home I dropped the three holiest bits at the tip, then went on to Wenbans to explore their offcuts.

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