More offcuts

Yesterday after visiting my relative I went to Wenban’s to check out their offcuts.

As usual they had a whole load of Pine, Iroko, Idigbo, Utile etc plus a few bits of Oak, Ash, Beech, Tulip etc.

Wenbans offcuts

I was tempted by this big lump of Lime with the bark on for £30:

Wenbans Lime offcut

There were also some similar sized lumps of Scots pine for similar prices, but I was strong and left it all alone 🙂

In the end I picked up two lumps of Oak, a whole load of Ash, small slabs of Beech & Cherry, 4 lengths of Tulip and a bit of Pine with nice straight close grain.

My total spend was £103.20, the most I’ve ever spent on offcuts.

I’ve had to reshuffle my entire timber storage rack again to fit it all in:

Wood storage panorama

The aluminium sash clamps are now condensed onto a single shelf on the right, which made a bit more space on the left.

Wood storage - left

Wood storage – left

Wood storage - right

Wood storage – right

While I was doing this I took stock of all my timber, including the dimensions, price (where marked) and roughly where I put it.

I’ve got some ideas about how to use some of the offcuts and will hopefully post about them soon.

If the good weather holds I’ll hopefully go to a car boot sale tomorrow, to continue my hunt for rusty gold 🙂

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7 Responses to More offcuts

  1. Art Watson says:

    Keep spending John, I love to live vicariously through my buddies?

    • John says:

      As you command Art! 🙂

      I’m actually just bidding on a wooden plane on eBay at the moment and will no doubt post about it if I win.

      In fact rats – I lost it at the last moment! 😦

      There’s a very real danger that I might stop spending and start DOing soon, but I wouldn’t hold your breath if I was you 🙂


  2. I like the wide-angle lens shot and the neat way in which you’ve stored your stock boards (I wish I’d started so well organised). I don’t think you’re missing much without that lump of lime. It’s not one of my favourites, to be honest. Lightweight and highly unstable. Good for carving, apparently, but not for the finest of furniture, in my opinion.

    • John says:

      Thanks Olly,

      I feel better for leaving it now!

      I definitely want to experiment with some natural edges at some point, but I think I’d better work up to it by actually DOING something – anything – rather than just spending money …

      I’m quite impressed with the camera in this phone – that’s its panorama feature – I just press the button and slowly rotate it.


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  4. Jeff Branch says:

    That is a nice stash of lumber. Mine consists just of off-cuts, I know a lot of woodworkers will purchase a particularly choice piece of lumber from time to time, but I tend to buy only what my immediate need is. 😦

    • John says:

      Hi Jeff,

      As I’m just starting out I just want a supply of half decent timber that I can make mistakes with.

      I really do need to start using it up now though …


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