Derusting planes – Part 4

I’ve finished derusting my metal bodied planes for now, so while the blades and chip breakers from my wooden bodied planes were soaking in the derusting fluid I reassembled the metal ones.

Derusted planes

Cleaning up the No. 130 I got off eBay for spares has revealed a small crack in the front of the body, so I’ll probably just keep that one and sell the one I got first.

I’m planning to do the same with the No. 71 (although in that case the one I got first was off eBay) as the one I picked up on Sunday has a few black spots underneath that will probably make it less saleable.

No. 71 router planes

I’ve amassed quite a “collection” of Stanley planes now:

Plane "collection"

  • Stanley No. 110
  • Stanley No. 130
  • Stanley No. 220
  • Stanley Bailey No. 3
  • 2 x Stanley Bailey No. 4
  • Stanley Bailey No. 4 1/2
  • Stanley Bailey No. 5
  • Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2
  • Stanley Bailey No. 6

Combined with my non Stanley planes, the only thing I’m “missing” is a No. 2!

  • Faithfull No. 60 1/2
  • Quangsheng No. 1
  • Acorn No. 4
  • Faithfull No. 4
  • Qiangsheng No. 7 “bedrock”
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