More eBay purchases and a sale

I usually keep an eye on eBay in case there are any bargains that everyone else has missed.

The other day I saw a lot with various planes, braces and mallets plus a cast iron glue pot for a starting bid of £9.99 which had no bids and was nearing the end.

In the end nobody else bid, so I won the auction for £18.48 including P&P, which I thought was quite a good price, given the amount the glue pots alone go for (typically in the £5-10 range).

It arrived today and I must say I’m very happy with my purchases.

eBay purchases

Unfortunately as can be seen above, the larger of the two wooden planes has had the handle snapped in transit, but otherwise everything is in the same (or mostly better) condition I was expecting, which is nice!

eBay purchases

The full list is as follows:

  • Large wooden plane – “C. Nurse & Co. Ltd” (maybe G. Nurse?) with “Hearnshaw Bros, Sheffield” cast steel blade

G Nurse wooden plane

As mentioned above, the tote was broken in transit (I hope it’ll glue back together though):

Broken plane handle

  • Coffin plane – “Mathieson & Son, Glasgow” with “Alex Mathieson & Son” cast steel blade

When I was searching for information on this maker I turned up this interesting page about forgeries

Mathieson & Son coffin plane

  • Skew plane – “Greenslade, Bristol”, also stamped “1934” and “English made”

Greenslade skew plane

  • Skew plane – “W. Greenslade, Bristol”

Greenslade skew plane

  • Very large mallet – “C. Nurse & Co Ltd, 181 & 183 Walworth Rd, London S.E” (maybe G. Nurse?)

G Nurse mallet

  • Very small mallet – “Booth Brothers, Dublin”

Booth Brothers mallet

  • Wooden folding ruler
  • Metal glue pot (I don’t think this is cast iron, due to the tooling marks on it, but I may be wrong)
  • Brace – “No. 60” – can’t make out makers mark yet
  • Brace – Can’t make out makers mark yet
  • Ratchet brace – Can’t make out makers mark yet

I doubt I’ll keep all these items – I was mostly interested in the glue pot – so anything I decide not to keep will be tidied up and sold on eBay.

I also just received another spokeshave:

  • Stanley curved spokeshave – £4.99 + £2.80 P&P

Spokeshaves & scraper

(It’s the one on the bottom right of the photo above)

I took a bit of a punt on this one as I wasn’t quite sure how to parse the description – I hoped it was a curved spokeshave but there was a chance they might have been saying the blade was curved at the top …

I don’t need most of the ones on the left so I’ll try and figure out who made them, clean them up and sell them on eBay (apart from the bottom one which I’ve just realised has an adjustable mouth).

I’ve just sold my Acorn No. 4 to a colleague who had borrowed it, so that’s a start …

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4 Responses to More eBay purchases and a sale

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  2. Wow, nice score! I have a soft spot for British planes.

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