Glueing broken plane tote

One of the wooden planes in my recent eBay purchase was broken in transit, with a clean break in the tote:

Broken plane handle

As with last time I glued a tote I’ve used weatherproof glue so I don’t need to worry about sweaty hands damaging the joint.

Glueing broken tote

As the clamp wouldn’t lie flat on the sole of the plane I was worried I’d dent it, so I’ve clamped from the top of the tote to the 18mm ply the plane is resting on.

Glueing wooden plane tote

Despite me only suggesting a pound or two partial refund, the seller very kindly refunded me the entire postage charge, so I almost feel guilty that I’m trying to mend it!

I’ve dropped the irons and chip breakers from this and the coffin plane into some derusting liquid while the glue dries.

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3 Responses to Glueing broken plane tote

  1. billlattpa says:

    Will the glue hold? Just curious. I once used epoxy on a handle and it seemed to work, but I don’t use the tool very often so I’m not sure how well it will hold up. Good luck!

    • John says:

      Hi Bill,

      I really have no idea whether it’ll work, but I suspect not! 🙂

      The other plane that I glued the tote of also had the threaded rod to hold it all together, so that’s not a fair comparison.

      If it doesn’t, plan B is to add a recessed screw to the mix and conceal it with a plug.

      If all else fails I’ll think about digging the existing handle out of the body of the plane and replacing it.


    • John says:

      Hi again Bill,

      It’s looking good so far (at least it didn’t give way the minute I took the clamps off and picked it up by the tote!).

      I’ll update the post once I’ve actually used the plane …


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