Mounting metalwork vices – Part 2

Today being Fathers day I was able to get some time in the workshop
to progress the vice bases.

Kreg set up for smaller base

Last time I found that using glue as well as pocket hole screws made accurate placement quite difficult, as the glue made it easy for the screws to move the pieces as they were tightened.

This time I clamped a piece of scrap across to make it easy to find and keep the pieces in place.

I marked out two holes for mounting the vice and drilled 6mm holes for the M6 coach bolts using my drill press, then flipped the base over to create the recesses for the bolt heads using an 18mm forstner bit.

Underside of smaller base

(You can no doubt see why this rather dirty offcut was selected for this project 🙂 )

As with the larger base, I used 3 holes on one side of the T piece and 2 on the other.

Kreg pocket holes

I cut the coach bolts down to size using the larger vice and a couple of nuts locked on the shaft of the bolt past the place where I wanted to cut.

(Having a nut on the cut bolt means that when you unthread it, any bits of metal are pushed out of the thread and it’s much more likely that you’ll be able to thread a nut on there afterwards).

Cutting coach bolt

It was about this time that I realised there was a third mounting hole in the vice, so I went back to the pillar drill …

Drilling third mounting hole

At least with it being a radial drill I wasn’t worried whether I could juggle the T shaped base into place relative to the table and chuck!

Drilling third recess

The small base is now finished:

Small vice mounted

I’m quite impressed by how wide the jaws open:

Small vice mounted and open

I still need to add a rail round the outside of the larger vice base and figure out how to store the two T shaped bases when they’re not in use.

For now they just rest on the floor, balanced by an offcut of tanalised 4″ x 2″.

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