Burly barking girls weekend

I was on my own with both girls for most of the weekend, while my wife studied.

Saturday wasn’t a great day as they were both pretty tired and stroppy, but yesterday was much better (despite the weather) and we spent most of the day in various local playgrounds.

This dead* tree in one of the playgrounds caught my eye:

(* = or at least extremely harshly pollarded – it stops in a stump a few feet above the top of the photo, with no branches at all)

Dead tree in playground

Dead tree in a local playground

Larger photos and an explanation of the post title after the jump πŸ™‚ …

It has massive burls on its roots where generations of children have climbed all over them

Burls on dead tree roots

Some of the burls have lost their bark and there are some interesting patterns in the underlying wood.

(You were probably wondering where the burly barking girls came into this? πŸ™‚ )

Missing bark on burls

I don’t know what it is about these patterns

Barkless burl closeup 1

But I really like them

Barkless burl closeup 2

Also in the same park is a carved bear, in the stump of another smaller tree:

Carved bear tree stump

I obviously didn’t get any time in the workshop during the day and I was too tired in the evenings (yesterday my Fitbit pedometer registered over 20,000 paces, with the equivalent of 36 flights of stairs climbed – my usual figures are about 10,000 and 20 respectively).

I had a pretty good day all the same and it was nice to get a little bit of time to commune with nature, even if it was dead! πŸ™‚

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3 Responses to Burly barking girls weekend

  1. projectbuddy says:

    Thanks for sharing these great photographs!

  2. nikkijm says:

    it’s a good start! x

  3. Sounds, like someone should smuggle a sharp handsaw down ones pant leg and get there early in the morning and……..just kidding……kind of…….nice burls……

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