I’m still here …

Last year a combination of health problems, a bereavement and then the weather conspired against me getting any more time in the workshop.

This year my excuses are work, family life and severe procrastination!

As you may have noticed there’s been sporadic activity on my other blogs:

After almost a year of inactivity the workshop has become a dumping ground, but I’ve cleared one bench by putting a lot of my car boot finds into stacking storage boxes.

(Almost) clear workbench

(Almost) clear workbench

Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon – I did some wood related stuff today and will post about it in a bit

In the mean time here are some pictures of the packed away tools:

Saw storage

Various saws

Hand drill storage

Hand drill storage

Screwdrivers, files, mallets & hammers

Screwdrivers, chisels, files, mallets & hammers

Large planes

Large planes

The planes were taking up a lot of space on the smaller bench and gathering dust, so although I’m not intending to pack them away for long they’re currently in a storage box while I work out where to keep them.

Small planes

Small planes

Wooden planes

Wooden planes

I’m not convinced keeping wooden planes in a plastic box is a good plan, but for now the space and tidyness are nice.



My other clamps are in a wooden box on castors under the smaller bench, but these larger ones kept getting tangled up with them, so for now they’re segregated!

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2 Responses to I’m still here …

  1. No fear. I had to give up woodworking for a few years several years ago because my Mom was sick and couldn’t handle the dust in the house. Once I bought my house and moved my shop in, I picked it back up without missing a beat.

    Those are some real nice hand tools (especially the planes) you have. Are they all tuned up and ready to go?

    • John says:

      Thanks Mike.

      The planes are mostly 1970s versions I think – despite having a collectors mindset I just wanted a serviceable set rather than anything fancy, so the average cost has probably been £10.

      Some of them are sharpened and pretty much ready to go, the rest are in varying stages of derusting.

      I’d like to make a cabinet for them at some point, as I probably have most of the sizes I could ever conceivably need (apart from maybe a #8!)

      Most of the saws, chisels, screwdrivers etc more bought more because I couldn’t bear to see them lying around in a damp field than because I have any real need for them!

      I’ll derust & sharpen them at some point and make some replacement handles where necessary – until then I have more modern tools that I can use.


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