To do list

A page to list all project & task goals I want to achieve in my workshop, including links to posts about them and their status.

Workshop related projects

  1. Make space in the garage and start building a workshop (completed 29/01/2012)
  2. Ebay/Freecycle the various things (freezer, hob, extractor, office chair, printer trolley etc.) that are taking up space (completed 19/02/2013)
  3. Sort and dispose of/find homes for the contents of the remaining boxes left over from the house move (moved to loft 28/04/2013)
  4. Move fridge freezer into kitchen to make more space for tools (on hold pending kitchen refurbishment)
  5. Organise existing tool storage to group similar tools/tasks together sensibly
  6. Build a stand for my pillar drill (completed 05/01/2013)
  7. Build a shooting board
  8. Build a table for my pillar drill
  9. Build a bench-top router table
  10. Build a clamp storage rack
  11. Build a wood storage rack with capacity for sheet materials
  12. Build replacement totes/handles for some of my planes
  13. Turn replacement knobs for some of my planes
  14. Refurbish the sack truck/trolley

Other projects

  1. Replace bathroom door with bifold door (begun 30/01/2012, completed 25/02/2012)
  2. Mend/replace broken floorboards under carpet on the landing (will be easier with a router table)
  3. Build a toy chest for my daughter
  4. Build a TV stand for the living room
  5. Build some low storage units for beneath the living room window
  6. Build more storage for the play room

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