Yet more offcuts!

It’s probably fitting that my first proper post this year is about buying more wood, rather than actually doing anything with it!

Wood Recycling Project

I have a couple of days off work to coincide with a school holiday, so after a morning pottering around town getting haircuts for most of the family, I had the afternoon to myself.

I went to check out a local Wood Recycling Project which I’d driven past a few months ago.

It’s based in a large barn and has a large amount of reclaimed wood:

Recycled woodRecycled wood

As well as all the pine, ply and OSB/chipboard you’d expect from a project which provides wood waste collection services to the construction industry there are other more exciting things, such as cable drums and offcuts of oak beams from a local timber frame company.

There was even an old park sign turned into a garden bench and something that looked like part of a Church:

Signpost bench and rude screen?

There was a fair variety of reclaimed doors:

Doors etc

Some interesting looking chunks of wood:

Large chunks of wood

(To give a sense of scale, the stack above is visible on the right side of the right hand photo at the top of this post)

Reclaimed timber

The project seems to make things from some of the timber and sell the rest.

Anything that can’t be sold will either be broken up for firewood or chipped and composted.

I didn’t buy anything this time, but I’ll definitely be going back here.


After the Recycling Project I went over to Wenban-Smith to check out their off-cuts section.

They also had some interesting chunks of timber:

Wenbans chunks

I didn’t buy any of those, but ended up with an assortment of Oak (including the 4″ x 8″ monolith visible in the photo below!), Walnut, Beech, Ash and a couple pieces of Cedar.


There’s no room in the storage for the new stuff, but I think I’ve now reached critical mass of some types of wood and will be able to actually build something, so hopefully I’ll start using some of it up soon …

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