Shopping list

Page to hold details of everything I want to buy for the workshop


  1. 40 tooth circular saw bladeFaithfull Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade 150 X 20 X 40t
  2. 6 sash clampsDakota bar clamps
  3. 4 strap clampsDakota super strap clamps
  4. Li-Ion Combi drill – Axion 18V and 10.8V set
  5. Planer & thicknesserSIP 01552
  6. Bench drillAxminster AWBRD550
  7. Air filterMicroclene MC760
  8. Dust extraction or air filtering solution – Numatic NVD750
  9. BandsawCharnwood W730
  10. GrinderTormek T7
  11. LatheJet JWL 1220VSL
  12. Belt & disc sander – Scheppach BTS 900X
  13. Bench morticer – Kity MB16
  14. Mitre saw – Metabo KGS 254 Plus
  15. Bandsaw bladesTuff Saws
  16. Corner clampsKreg or Clamp-it


  1. T-slot track for router table projectRutlands 1/2″ and Rutlands 3/4″
  2. 18mm and 12mm veneered MDF for various furniture projectsVeneered MDF
  3. 18mm and 12mm plywood for structure & shelves of various workshop furniture18mm plywood
  4. NVR switch for the router table projectAxminster NVR switch
  5. Perspex/Lexan for router bases and jigsLexan on eBay


  1. The Bandsaw Book
  2. Woodturning: A Foundation Course
  3. Setting Up Shop: The Practical Guide to Designing and Building Your Dream Shop
  4. How to Build a Great Home Workshop (Wood Magazine)

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