Projects – Tool Storage – Part 2

After finally getting the hang of levelling the planer tables of my planer thicknesser I decided to prepare some wood for the chisel rack I’ve been thinking about for a while.

I decided to break up some of the slatted wooden shelves from the smaller of the two shelving units that used to hold various tools:

Wooden slatted shelves

I found the simplest way to split the nailed and glued cross pieces from the shelf slats was to support the cross piece on a couple of bits of 2″ x 1″ and tap the slats with a mallet:

Knocking shelving apart

I de-nailed the cross pieces, mostly to avoid possible injuries, as they’re too small and mostly too badly damaged for re-use:

Denailing shelves

I knocked off the worst of the glue and broken cross piece from the slats with a chisel (an old Do It All one, not one of the nicer ones I plan to house in this rack!):

Cleaning up slats

I broke one of my oldest clamps in the process – the partner of the one I fixed last year. I think this one may be terminal, as it’s broken across the trigger 😦

Once they were cleaned up a bit I fed the slats through the planer:

SIP 01552 - planer mode

And then the thicknesser:

SIP 01552 - thicknesser mode

I now have a nice pile of slats ready for this project (and probably others as well)

Stack of slats

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get a bit further tomorrow …

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