Weekend update

I didn’t get any time in the workshop during the week.

Yesterday was spent at a family birthday in a rural village hall, where I noticed this rather nice little toggle/latch, holding a long trestle table against the wall:

Wooden latch

Something about the shape and simplicity made me like it.

Today we went to Pease Pottage car boot sale in the morning, but with the uncertain weather there was a very low turn out of stallholders (the main field was probably less than half full).

There were only 3 stalls with any hand tools on at all and most were cheap rubbish that had been abused, so I didn’t find anything at all to waste spend my money on.

This afternoon I was able to complete the vice bases.

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Mounting metalwork vices – Part 1

Today I made a start on building some bases for my two metalworking vices.

The intention is that each base will have a cross member underneath which can be clamped in the woodworking vice on my larger bench.

They’ll also incorporate a low tray around the vice to (hopefully!) catch any metal filings and protect the bench.

The larger vice, my Handy Model G. 3A has quite a long handle, so it will need to be mounted far forward enough that the handle clears the handle of the woodworking vice below it:

Larger Handy Model G. 3A vice on bench

The smaller vice, my Paramo No. 00 doesn’t have this constraint:

Smaller Paramo No. 00 vice on bench

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Glueing broken plane tote

One of the wooden planes in my recent eBay purchase was broken in transit, with a clean break in the tote:

Broken plane handle

As with last time I glued a tote I’ve used weatherproof glue so I don’t need to worry about sweaty hands damaging the joint.

Glueing broken tote

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More eBay purchases and a sale

I usually keep an eye on eBay in case there are any bargains that everyone else has missed.

The other day I saw a lot with various planes, braces and mallets plus a cast iron glue pot for a starting bid of £9.99 which had no bids and was nearing the end.

In the end nobody else bid, so I won the auction for £18.48 including P&P, which I thought was quite a good price, given the amount the glue pots alone go for (typically in the £5-10 range).

It arrived today and I must say I’m very happy with my purchases.

eBay purchases

Unfortunately as can be seen above, the larger of the two wooden planes has had the handle snapped in transit, but otherwise everything is in the same (or mostly better) condition I was expecting, which is nice!

eBay purchases

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Derusting planes – Part 4

I’ve finished derusting my metal bodied planes for now, so while the blades and chip breakers from my wooden bodied planes were soaking in the derusting fluid I reassembled the metal ones.

Derusted planes

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Car booty – 02/06/2013

Today I went to Sayers Common car boot sale with my youngest daughter while my wife took our eldest daughter to a party.

We’ve not been since April, when we were very impressed, so I had quite high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed.

Car booty 02/06/2013

I found several things in the first aisle and it got better from there!

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Wood stock

This post is mainly for my own benefit …

Most of my timber is catalogued below, but a lot isn’t, including the MDF, ply, tanalised timber and most of my pine and reclaimed timber.

Where I know them the price and which batch they were purchased in are also logged.

This post has now been converted to a page.

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